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Pam's Videos
If you have any ideas for new ones, let me know.
I still have lots of bills to pay and I'm willing to do almost anything.

The prices are shown below.  I'll give discounts for orders of two or more:

Order Two - Save 25%

Three - Save 30%
Four - Save 35%
Five - Save 40%
Six - Save 45%
Seven or more - Save 50%

1.  Do you like to see girls in sneakers trying to get their car started?  I have a very hard time.  Lots of pedal pumping.  I wore my blue canvas Vans, black leather Vans, white canvas and white leather Keds.  Plenty of close ups of my legs and feet inside and outside the car.  The tape is about 30 minutes long.  6 to 8  minutes with each pair of sneakers. $45

2.  Have you ever wished that you were tied up at my feet and forced to lick my dirty white canvas Keds clean?  This video is shot from your point of view, on the floor.  I walk up and down in front of the camera and point out all the spots I'd like cleaned on my sneakers.  Better do a good job, or you don't get untied.  15 minutes. $45
3.  Wanna watch me work out?  There are 4 scenes. First I wear my brand new LA Gear hi-tops, then I stretch for a while in just my sweaty socks.  Next I put on a different pair of new LA Gear hi-tops and continue my work-out.  Finally I wear my Keapa cheerleading sneakers and finish my work-out by stretching and cooling down.  The whole time, I'm wearing tight black Lycra shorts and thick white socks. Lots of close-ups of my sneakers and socks.  15 minutes. $40
4.  Wouldn't it be fun to watch me take a shower with my sneakers and clothes on?  Well, here's your chance.  I have on a white sports bra, tight white leggings, thick white socks and white leather Reebok Princess sneakers.   I slowly step into the shower and  the water starts running down my legs. You can begin to see though my clothes and watch as the water soaks into my socks and sneakers.  Lots of close-ups of my wet sneakers and socks.  10 minutes. $35

5.  Bondage and white leather Reebok Freestyle hi-tops. Four scenes, each 3 to 5 minutes long. I'm wearing jean shorts while tied up in a chair and hog tied on the ground. Then I wear really tight jeans while tied up in a chair and on the ground. Lots of close-ups of my sneakers, socks and the white nylon rope on my ankles and wrists.  15 minutes. $40

6.  Wouldn't it be fun to watch me play in the ocean with my sneakers and clothes on?  Well, here's your chance.   I have on a white T-shirt, tight blue jeans, thick white socks and white leather Reebok freestyle hi-tops sneakers.  I start slow at first, but pretty soon I'm out swimming in the waves. This one was a lot of fun to do. Lots of close-ups of my wet sneakers and socks.   8 minutes. $30

8.  Wanna watch me play in the mud with my white leather Reebok Freestyle hightops? They start out clean and white and end up dirty and muddy. I'm wearing rolled up jeans and white socks too. Lots of close-ups of me jumping, splashing and playing in the thick squishy mud.  At the end, I take off my sneakers and wash the mud off of them   while standing on the wet ground in my socks. 10 minutes. $40
9.  I have lots of gardening to do. I'm wearing white leather Keds and rolled up jeans and white socks.  I use a shovel and a hand tool to dig up mud from one part of the yard to fill in a hole in another.  My poor white Keds take a beating and end up very very muddy.  Lots of close-ups of me digging, stepping, slipping, stomping and playing in the thick, wet mud. 15 minutes.   $40
10.  Do you like Reebok Freestyle Hi-tops?  What about in white patent leather?   Would you like to see me dancing in them?  What about if I pulled open the Velcro straps and started to do a strip tease? Slowly loosening the laces and dancing around until I could slip my thick sock covered feet out of them. They feel so good to hold, I love the way the white soles feel on my legs and thighs.  Mmmmm, the wet rubber feels so good on my lips and tongue. I love to put my hand inside one and rub myself while sucking on the other. I'm wearing a white t-shirt and white leggings. Lots of close ups my sneakers. 10 minutes. $40
11.  I picked out five of my favorites sneakers for a very special night at home. It was hard to decide which pair to wear first.  Red canvas Vans, black Looney Tunes Keds,   Todd Oldham high heel Keds boots, yellow All Star-like platform sneakers or blue flowered platform sneakers. After dancing to a song in each pair, I decided that the red Vans were my favorite. I left them on as I kissed, licked and sucked on all the others. I saved the red Vans for last.  Mmmmmmmmm. I'm wearing tight, gray work-out shorts and a sports bra. Lots of close ups of all the sneakers on my feet and in my mouth. 30 minutes. $45
12.  I love to play racquetball. Its a good work-out and I always get hot and sweaty.  In this video I wear blue scrunch socks and my white leather LA Gear hitops. Lots of close-ups of my legs and sneakers as I run all over the court.  After the game I take my shoes off, walk around in my sweaty socks and stretch for a while. I even take off my socks and let my feet cool off.  I saved the socks in zip-lock bag. If you are interested in buying them, let me know. 10 minutes. $30
13.  I decided to check-out the pool and see how warm the water was. I wonder if I should have taken off my saddle shoes and cheerleader uniform?  5 minutes. $30
14.  Chocolate syrup can be so messy, especially when you're wearing all white. Luckily I can lick it off my white leather Keds slip-ons.   10 minutes. $35
15.  Wanna see me tied up and gagged? I wear three different pairs of Jack Purcels and get gagged with three different pairs of white canvas sneakers. 15 minutes. $45

I also spend some time kissing, licking and sucking on my favorite pair of Jack Purcells.

16.  Part 1.  I decided to take a walk in the canyon behind my house. It had just rained and the ground was very muddy. I did my best to keep my brand new white leather Keds clean, but they ended up covered with the sticky, brown, clay-like mud.  I gave up at the end and jumped and splashed in all the puddles getting my hose and white leggings wet and muddy too. 

16.  Part 2.  I went back later that day dressed in my favorite cheerleader outfit, bobby socks and saddle shoes. The ground was very slippery and I almost fell into a puddle while trying to get my foot out of the thick mud. After my saddles shoes were covered in mud, I decided to have fun jumping and stomping in the muck.

Total Length: 10 minutes. $40

17.  It had just rained and I wanted to go down in the canyon to play in the mud. I wore a white T-shirt, light colored blue jeans, thick white socks and my Reebok freestyle hi-tops.  By the time I had made a mud pie, stomped on it and got ready to go home, my clothes and sneakers were covered in mud.   Slipping and falling on my butt didn't help either. Luckily there was a deep puddle to wade through and wash off my sneakers. I had to throw away the jeans and socks. That mud really stains. 10 minutes, $40
18.  I just got a brand new pair of white canvas Keds and I was wearing them out of the house for the first time. They feel so good with no socks. On my way down the stairs, I accidentally stepped in a bucket of glue. White gooey, sticky glue.  I had a hard time getting my foot out and by the time I did, my Keds were ruined. Oh well, might as well have fun with it. I like the way the warm, sticky liquid feels on my legs and squishing between my toes. It feels good inside my Keds. 10 minutes, $40
19.  Wanna see me tied up and gagged again? I'm wearing my white PRO-Keds hitops, thick white socks, white underwear and a cute white tennis skirt. There are also a few minutes of me on the bed in just my underwear and sports bra wearing the same sneakers and socks. 10 minutes. $40

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